ERASMUS Subject: Forensic Psychology


The course will be assessed by an essay (3000 words max with 30 references recommended) (70%) and by an oral presentation (30%).

References cited in the text and the list of references (at the end of the text) should be in compliance with the APA (American Psychological Association) standards.

Oral presentations will be performed during lecture hours. Students are requested to announce a date of their presentation to the lecturer via e-mail or personally. In each lecture time there will be the opportunity for three students to give a presentation of an essay (max 20 minutes), so please reserve your desired date in time.

It is not advisable that two or more students have similar or even the same essay title. Therefore, here you are invited to publish a few lines or an approximate title of your essay. This is the way to let other students know about your intention and to avoid using the same or too similar titles.

If you have no ideas about a theme of your essay try to find them here:

If you need help with references cited: APA style of citing references

All essays are tested against plagiarism. Essays that match with any other source more than 20% will be assessed negatively with no option for possible corrections (click for more information).

Class Attendance

Regular class attendance is expected if a student is seeking high grades, but it is not mandatory. Students will have the opportunity to earn participation points via discussion questions.

Lecture presentations



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